Perfect Shades

The Art of Design:
Every stroke counts

The way Art is analogous to canvas similarly Design is analogous to the objects drawn on it. Graphic design invokes one's visual senses and triggers the user’s experience to a whole new level. The Design must be as such that the purpose of our client’s projects gets embedded in their customer’s mind as well as their heart. It takes time and effort to portray a story through interactive patterns and eye-catching colours and instil pleasure in the eyes.

Hello   we   are,
Perfect Shades.

It is a great pleasure and honour to present before you Perfect Shades. We provide top-notch services ranging from graphic designing and video production to web & app development and creative writing. The unique skillset possessed by the workforce of Perfect Shades delivers flawless outcomes according to our clients' needs and strictly adheres to their satisfaction.


“To enhance the standards of design and other services”

The goal of Perfect Shades is to design a product in a certain manner that elevates the standards in design and freelance industry. Every stroke by our designer is carefully planned to not only match with your taste rather uplift it. We indeed take the word ‘Perfect’ seriously, like a religion.


Design is a part of everything.
Spark up your creativity, discover the art of designing eye-catching graphics and animations.



Established on 24 July 2019, Perfect Shades have come a long way before converting into a full-fledged company. Formerly, Perfect Shades was an Instagram page that belonged to two passionate designers who wanted to showcase their work casually. Their love for design inspired them to push their boundaries to a commercial level in order to fulfil everyone’s needs. It started out as small team of two designers and slowly expanding out as a company employing app and web developers, content writers, marketers etc to provide all sorts of solutions today.

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